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About product object

Products are saleable item displayed into your shop. Products can be accessed in all Liquid templates via store.products.

store.products represent a collection of all products variants available into your webshop.

This variable is a collection of product stored in Algolia or Elasticsearch. with_scope, paginate liquid tags are available with store.products.

In these examples below, product variable is an occurence of store.products collection.

Product Attributes

Main attributes

Attributes of store.products entry.

Name Type Description
attributes Object Collection of variant attribute (variable name and value)
attribute_set Object Custom’s attributes set name
brand String Brand name
categories Object Collection of parents categories
cross_sellings Object Collection of product ObjectID for cross selling ex: [{id:60}, {id: 78}].
description Object Product description (HTML)
hierarchicalCategories Object Parent categories list for faceting ex: {lvl0:…, lvl1:…}
id Integer Product’s ID
images Object Collection of URL images
main Boolean Main variant
meta_description String Meta description tag value.
meta_keywords String Meta keyword tag value.
model Object Product template object (with name attribute)
name String Product name with model name and variant name
price Object Price. See price documentation below
only_quotation Boolean Only available for quotation (not for sale)
redirect_url_key Object List URL redirection (HTTP status 301)
seo_title Object Product page Title , title tag value
short_description Object Short product description (for thumbnail)
short_name Object Variant name
sku String Product reference code
stock Object Stock quantity saleable (for each warehouse)
structured_attributes Object custom attributes ordered by group
variant_attributes Object Custom’s attributes
variant_count Integer Product variant count
up_sellings Object Collection of product ObjectID for up selling ex: [{id: 10}, {id: 11}].
url_key Object Product page URL

Example :

Display product model name and variant name.

{% for product in store.products %} <b>{{}}</b> - {{product.short_name}} {% endfor %}


Shopinvader Odoo module can generate images with differents sizes. Image’s sizes are set up in backend configuration in Odoo.

Image attribute of product’s data is a product’s images collection.

Name Type Description
src String Image URL
alt String Alternate name


Price is an attribute of product objet. Price attribute contains multiple product’s price list. Shopinvader use the Locomotive CMS parameter site.metafields.erp.default_price value to get the default pricelist.

Price product’s attribute contains automatically the value of the current pricelist.

In case of logged user, Shopinvader get the user’s price list (pricelist field of customer content type).

Name Type Description
discount Float Discount value (Percentage)
original_value Float Old price value without discount
tax_included Boolean True VAT included
value Float Price value
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