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Odoo pip installation


Alternative installation methods

If you wish to install odoo separataly from a docker image you can do so following the following instructions:

Please note that Shopinvader can be setup and hosted by Acsone or Akretion!

Odoo’s manual installation

Simple Installation

To simply try out Shopinvader in a new Odoo 12 install, here are the lines to copy in a requirement.txt file:

--find-links --extra-index --extra-index -r odoo12_addon_shopinvader_demo_app

Other available payment methods can be added from shopinvader-payment such as:

odoo12-addon-shopinvader-payment-stripe odoo12-addon-shopinvader-payment-sips

Using python3 install Shopinvader using the requirement.txt file with:

python -m pip install -r ./requirements.txt

Once Odoo is installed, install the module named ‘shopinvader_demo_app’ which will install Shopinvader with some demo data.
You can do both with:

odoo -d odoo-shopinvader-easy -i shopinvader_demo_app -c ./odoo.cfg

With the content of odoo.cfg:

[options] running_env=dev workers = 3 server_wide_modules = web,queue_job [queue_job] channels = root:2

Avanced Installation

If you wish to install Shopinvader in your own Odoo installation, here is a list of the repos and modules you should install:

Other repos can be necessary, they are located in oca_dependencies.txt file

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