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About category object

You can get categories via store.categories global variable. This variable is a collection of categories stored in Algolia. ## Main attributes

Attributes of store.categories entry.

Name Type Description
description String Meta description tag value.
childs Objects Sub categories
filters Objects Categories faceting filters, list of product’s attribute
level Integer Category’s level in categories tree
id Integer Category ID
images Objects URL image in different size (like product images)
objectID Integer Category ID
meta_description String Meta description tag value.
meta_keywords String Meta keyword tag value.
name Integer Category name
parent Objects List of parent categories
parent_left Integer Previous parent categories
redirect_url_key Integer List URL redirection (HTTP status 301)
seo_title Integer Category page Title , title tag value
short_description String Short description of the category
subtitle String Category short description
url_key String Category relative URL

Example :

Display categories list.





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