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For this demo you will use Elasticsearch as search engine. We are also compatible with Algolia, but it’s not the purpose of this quick setup.

With that project you already have a docker container with

  • an odoo server (with a postgresql database)
  • a locomotive server (with a mongodb database)
  • an elastic server for indexing your data
  • a docker image with wagon cli inside

In real case your Odoo, Locomotive and Elastic application will be installed on remote server. Wagon is the only required tools for developping a website.


Before starting, you need to make sure your system has docker, docker compose.

If it is not the case, please refer to :

Installation with docker images

these steps will allow you to have a full Shopinvader instance with Odoo, Locomotive and Elasticsearch using Docker.

To get started, you need to clone the shopinvader-getting-started repository

git clone

Start docker:

cd shopinvader-getting-started

This might take a few minutes, as it will setup everything.

docker-compose up

Use `docker-compose up -d` if you want to use your terminal while the server is up. You can then use `docker-compose down` to stop it.

Couldn't connect to Docker daemon at http+docker://localunixsocket

  • is it running?
  • use sudo , but you should prefer adding your user to the docker group for continued use.

Now we have running Odoo and Shopinvader instances.

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